Meine Geschichten

Mein Schatz aus Mexiko – Eine Geschichte über das Leben

Busbahnhof in Mexico City, 7. Mai 2017

… manchmal nehmen Geschichten eine andere Form an als erwartet oder als geplant. Sich auf die natürliche Dynamik des Lebens einzulassen und bereit zu sein, eigene Pläne und Ideen loszulassen bedeutet, dass möglicherweise noch viel schönere und größere Chancen entstehen können. Für mich ergeben sich dann oftmals die Möglichkeiten, die ich nie in Betracht gezogen hätte …

Hier geht es weiter: Mein Schatz aus Mexiko – Eine Geschichte über das Leben


The Story of my Life

Once upon a time, there was a girl, called Maria.

She was a loveable, sweet, positive-thinking girl, loving the world and the life.

She loved discovering the world, she loved smiling and enjoying the beauty. The beauty of the moment, the beauty of the nature, the beauty of the wholeness.

She came on earth with all the wisdom and secret of life. Probably as every child does. The wisdom she was not aware of since she did not have the consciousness, the knowledge and the experience to put the wisdom in words.

Therefore, the only way to make it visible was to live in harmony with her wisdom by following ther inner voice. The inner voice was her guide all life long. As long as she had the courage to follow her feelings. Generally, she did, since she trusted in life.

Life trust und inner voice were her greatest gifts that were given to her.

Besides, her third biggest gift was her family she was born into. Her parents gave her the permission to be herself. They did not form her. Instead, they gave her lots of possibilites to discover her being, her potentials, her passions in order to open herself for her own spirit.

Her life was a special gift – to her and to the world.

It was love in the purest version.

But then, her spiritual journey of life started changing. In an unvisible, slow pace.

Being socialized by the social system, by the society was her shift away from her inner connection, from her gift of life.

…. it is the start for the story of my life. … to be continued …